Your Path to a Successful Home Purchase

    Follow theses steps to becoming a home-owner in 2018!

    1. Get Pre-Approved for mortgage. This helps you establish a purchase price range for homes you can start shopping for.

    2. Determine Housing Wants and Needs. Style, size, Bedroom, Baths, etc.

    3. Get to Know the Area.

    • Get a map. Cruise around. Take notes and photos.

    4.Find a Good Realtor to Work With.

    5.Get Familiar With the Local Housing Market.

    • Look at ads, go to Open Houses.
    • See lots of homes with realtor.
    • Determine best area (s) for you.

    6.Make Offer on Home

    • With dates & contingencies
    • Negotiate purchase price.
    • Home Inspection.

    7.Apply For Mortgage. Right after offer accepted.

    8.Sign Purchase & Sale Agreement.

    • Receive Mortgage Commitment.
    • 30 days +/- after application.


    • Register Deed and Move-In!


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