Why It’s Important To Have A Home Inspection

    Many Home buyers have found the perfect house, signed on the dotted line and make think they’ve watched enough home improvement shows to know if the home they’re getting is in good shape. Unfortunately, some buyers make the mistake of skipping a home inspection in order to save a little cash.

    Why You Should Hire A Home Inspector-While a home might look like it’s in perfect condition on the surface, there could be major issues hiding beneath its facade. That’s why it really is imperative for your safety that you hire an inspector to scrutinize the bones of your home. Understanding any imperfections may also help you budget for immediate and future repairs.

    When to Schedule the Home Inspection-Once you’ve signed a purchase contract, you’ll want to schedule a home inspection before the inspection period has ended. Even though you’ve signed the offer, an inspector could just find something that you just cannot live with or afford to fix.

    For more information on hiring a professional for your home inspection or for a referral, please call today! (661) 615-9001, or visit our website www.kerncountyhouse.com.



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