Vacant Homes being Burglarized…

    The Association office is receiving new reports of vacant properties being burglarized. The lockbox used for showings are also being removed from these properties.  Please talk to the neighbors in the area. They will be the best eyes and ears.-Jamey Lyster

    From a piece in News on January 19, 2015: Within hours of a home in Bakersfield, CA, being listed, thieves broke in and stole all of the appliances: stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer—even the water heater.

    According to the real estate agent, the theft was discovered when one of her coworkers went to the home to prepare for an open house the next morning.

    Fortunately for the homeowners, the real estate agent’s husband was a quick thinker.  He immediately jumped on Craigslist and tracked down the stolen appliances, which were already up for sale.

    According to the agent, none of the neighbours saw any suspicious activity. Her advice to others in this situation:  “If they have a cheapie alarm system, that would be good.” She also suggested asking neighbors to watch the home, and said that thefts in vacant houses happen frequently.

    The happy end to this story: all of the appliances except for the water heater were recovered and have been reinstalled prior to sale of the home.

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