Safety First

    When selling your home, there are certain safety guidelines that should always be followed to keep yourself and others safe.

    Personal Info-Bills, invoices, credit card statements, mail, and anything with your Social Security Number or other personal identifying information should be removed from view. Family photos and anything labeled with names also should be put away.

    Valuables-Don’t forget to take your keys, credit cards, jewelry, and other valuables from your home or lock them away. Antique, rare, or expensive home decor items also should be put away to avoid accidental breakage, or worse, theft.

    Showings-Do not let strangers into your home if they do not have an appointment. All showings should be officially scheduled in advance though either your REALTOR, their office, or another REALTOR who represents the buyer.

    If something doesn’t feel right, CALL YOUR REALTOR IMMEDIATELY! It’s always best to be cautious no matter what the circumstances are.


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