Reasons to Buy During the Holidays

    The holiday season is upon us. The months of November and December typically offer less than desirable weather conditions for a major move. No on wants to take on the tasks of moving when it’s cold and raining outside. Additionally, the holidays center around family gatherings inside a home. For most, moving and then immediately preparing a home for a family gathering would be exhausting.

    While theses are all great reasons to hold off on purchasing a home , we think its important to highlight what you could be missing. By purchasing a home during the holidays, you could land that special deal you’ve been waiting for. Let’s talk a look at few reasons buying a home during the holidays is a good thing.

    #1: Necessity To SellĀ 

    In most cases, sellers who continue to keep their home on the market throughout the holidays have reasons to do so. Purchasing a home from a seller who is facing a time crunch is great for buyer who are down to do a little negotiating. You could really get the home of your dreams, with some added benefits, if you approach the situation the right way.

    #2: Less CompetitionĀ 

    Less competition means home prices are lower, and leaves more wiggle room for negotiations. While it;s a busy time of year, negotiating for the home of your dreams , and getting it at an even better price than you imagined is quite the holiday treat, wouldn’t you say?

    Don’t miss out on getting the home of your dreams this holiday season! Our realtors here at Infinity Real Estate Group would love to show you all the new homes for sale in our local market.


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