Planning The Perfect Labor Day Party In Your Backyard Or Home

    Celebrating Labor Day From the Comfort of your Home

    As Labor Day marks the unofficial final weekend of summer, it’s time to savor your favorite summer memories in the company of those you love. Whether you adore or dread the subsequent fall season, you can embrace the change by hosting a Labor Day party to celebrate the wonderful summer season you and your family and friends have just shared.

    This summer, pay homage to the glorious days of relaxation by hosting an unconventional Labor Day soiree. How? Read on for tips on how to host memorable Labor Day party from the convenience of your back yard or home.

    Shift to the Morning

    Barbecues and evening cookouts may be traditional ideas for Labor Day parties, but why not turn your party into a brunch? As Labor Day falls on a Monday, if you have your party either Sunday or Monday morning, you’ll give your guests plenty of time to get home at a reasonable hour to prepare for school, work, etc. the next day. So do something unexpected, and brunch!

    Another reason to shift to a morning gathering? It’s a great chance to capitalize on summer fruits and menu items before they go out of season! As Labor Day is the “unofficial” last weekend of summer, this is a great excuse to dig out your favorite summer recipes one last time while the ingredients can be bought fresh and locally.

    Prepare lemon pancakes with fresh blueberries and in-season raspberries, or serve a baked egg casserole with fresh veggies you can pick up from a farmer’s market or from your own garden. For inspiration, check out these beautiful brunch recipes to wow your guests.

    Worried your kitchen isn’t ready to take on the size of your guest-list? Make your event communal instead. Invite your guests to bring a favorite dish with their favorite summer ingredients. By hosting a potluck, you’ll cultivate an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity that allows people to share and exchange family recipes and favorite eats.
    throwing a labor day brunch party

    Keep the Party Rolling

    After a filling meal, keep guests entertained with a middle ground between activity and lethargy: lawn games. Bring out tried and true favorites, like corn hole or bocce ball. With corn hole, your guests form multiple player teams, creating an inclusive activity that fosters organic conversation.

    With bocce ball’s blend of skill and chance, you’ll appease and delight both the competitive and the playful crowds in your group. Whether you play one of these games or another favorite lawn game, having an activity for your guests to engage in is a perfect way to bask in one last weekend of summer play.

    And what if people would prefer to simply bask in the few remaining hours of summer and soak up the rays? Stage your backyard with a morning picnic feel. Set out blankets and pillows on the grass (this can double as seating for brunch!) with decks of cards and nearby carafes with drinks to go around. That way, whether your guests prefer to engage in competition or to enjoy a more relaxed afternoon pace, your party will offer a perfect ode to the best parts of summer as the season draws to a close.

    Just Relax This Labor Day Weekend

    While parties can bring a pressure to host an ostentatious gathering, avoid buying a host of new patio furniture or making extravagant dishes for your guests. This labor day, emphasize a spirit of reflection by hosting a morning brunch that epitomizes the slow, relaxed pace of summer.

    By scaling down and focusing on the memories you and your friends have shared together this past season, you’ll create the perfect season send off, knowing you have another year to look forward to in the company of those you love.

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