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    • Lee Barrison – Broker/Owner Infinity Real Estate Services – Bakersfield

    Lee Barrison – Broker/Owner Infinity Real Estate Services – Bakersfield

    Real Estate career chronicles of Lee Barrison

    • On December 2nd 2001, he received his license to sell Real Estate

    • For 6 month of his 1st year selling he didn’t sell a single home

    • After 6 months he signed up for Real estate coaching

    • For the remainder of 2002 he managed to sell 28 homes in his 1st year of Real Estate

    • Between 2003-2006 his production and skillset continued to grow

    • In 2007 he witnessed the most devastating Real Estate crash in history

    • Between 2007-2012 it required twice the amount of work to maintain; 90% was short sale

    • In 2012 the market finally settled down and he knew he wanted to to grow in a major way

    • In February of 2013 he made the best business decision of my career by hiring Miare Rispoli as my Executive assistant

    • In 2014 he set a goal for himself to close 100 transactions on his own…he closed 96

    • In March of 2015 he started a Real Estate team and brought 5 agents, in 9 months they closed 141 transactions

    • In 2016 brought on 5 more agents and they closed 242 transactions making them the #1 Real Estate team in Kern county

    • July 17th of 2018, he brought Infinity Real Estate Services to Bakersfield. We started with 10 agents  and we are now close to 50 agents strong and growing month over month.


    Infinity Real Estate is a Life/Business Developmental Company that focuses on helping our clients and agents live abundant lives.

    We are a place of change, a place of breakthroughs, and a place of growth.

    We take people who cannot see and help them see. Once they can see, then they start to believe. When they believe, they start to take action. Once they take inspired action, they step into the life they were destined to live!

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