With over 30 years of combined real estate experience Infinity never stops improving our efforts to better assist our clients, no matter the situation. Our team enjoys helping clients achieve their dreams of homeownership. Developing a longterm relationship with our clients is our primary goal. Good communication and teamwork are core values here at Infinity Real Estate Services.


    First and foremost, our ideal agent has a humble heart and spirit — a team player who thrives being around others and their energy, yet has their own ego in check enough to co-exist with other top producing individuals. Someone who has a deep desire to win and win big and understand the best way to win is to surround yourself with winners. Our ideal agent is a person with high ethics and integrity who doesn’t focus on their commission, but realizes that the secret to success in sales is to help as many people as possible achieve what they want, and as a result compensation will never be an issue.


    Source: Bakersfield Intero Real Estate Services

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